Into Deep Space


Astronomer Grant Miller is obsessed with looking for earth-like planets in distant solar systems. Using a 50 year old telescope based at sea level in Scotland, he scans the night sky for earth-like worlds. Not only does he think that life is possible outside of our solar system, he believes that a discovery will be made in his own lifetime.

Astro-biologist Duncan Forgan uses number and models to predict how galaxies are formed, and how and where life might appear within a galaxy.

A film about our quest to understand life with some of the scientists who are devoting their lives to the most fundamental questions of our time.


In The Palace International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria, Inspace, Edinburgh Microwave Festival, Hong Kong, A Nous de Voir, France, Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, SCINEMA 2012, Imagine Science Film Festival, Dublin (Honorable Mention), SciScreen, Edinburgh Filmhouse, Deep Fried Film Festival, Edinburgh Science Festival, Wigtown Spring Book Festival,The Secret Garden Party, National Museum of Scotland (Museum Late: A Night in Wonderland), Glasgow Science Festival, British Science Association Festival, Orkney Science Festival.